DES-Office-LocationsAs with any company whose products and services are on the cutting edge of technology, DES had humble beginnings. In 1996, Kevin Lambidonis left a partnership in a computer technology company and formed DES, Inc in Springdale, AR.

At the time, competition in the automation market in northwest Arkansas was very low, and Lambidonis’ background in computer science gave him unique insight into the future of home electronics. The small team at DES began strengthening the weaknesses of the then current technology with technology from the computer industry.

The residential equipment at the time was the same equipment used in commercial applications that had been adapted to fit the residential need. Unfortunately, the equipment was bulky, unreliable and could not deliver the caliber of options it does today. Due to the expense and lack of history for these products, only early adopters would take the risk on the systems of that time. This gave DES the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the industry and needs of residential customers. DES began developing the necessary software to incorporate more than just audio and video into a system. This led to development of software for systems such as:  HVAC control, security systems, home networking, surveillance and motorized shading.

In 2004, DES relocated to Rogers, AR and began building a larger team to handle future growth. DES began departmentalizing and cross-training to develop a new way of operating an electronic systems company. As newer, more user-friendly technology began to emerge, the processes and people that DES developed began to benefit from the efficiency and reliability of the systems that were installed.

Today, DES has nearly 5 times the national average of employees for companies in our industry. We operate four branch locations and are continually developing new processes and software to create a more streamlined delivery of user-friendly interfaces with reliable equipment to meet clients’ technology needs.